Discover and study the dinosaurs of Demeter’s first planet!

Demeter is a flip & write game set in the same universe as Ganymede. Demeter can be played from 1 player and lasts approximatively 20 minutes.

Designed by Matthieu Verdier and illustrated by Oliver Mootoo and David Sitbon, you are a scientist travelling to Demeter 1, one of Demeter’s planets. Your mission is to discover and to study the dinosaurs who live on Demeter 1. You will have the opportunity to build observation posts, to recruit scientists, to do some research and to erect buildings to understand these species in their environment.

For 1 player and more, aged 14+.
20 minutes

A game by Matthieu Verdier
Art by Oliver Mootoo and David Sitbon



How to play

Demeter lasts 12 rounds. Each turn, players resolve these 3 steps in order :

  • Reveal a card from each of the 5 decks.
  • Choose a card and perform its action.
  • Gain a bonus that corresponds to the color of the card you selected.


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How to win

The game lasts at the end of the 12th turn et players score Mission Points in each of these categories: entirely discovered species, variety of species, science objectives, observation value, number of scientists and dinosaurs you studied.

The player with the most Mission Points wins the game!



- 100 Score Pads - 75 Action cards (44x68mm)
- 6 Species tiles
- 6 Objective tiles
- 1 Objective board
- 1 rulebook in 2 languages (english, french)
- 6 "Settlers Ship" promo cards for Ganymede




"Autumn" Mini-expansion




"Winter" Mini-expansion